Purpose driven organisations: Pay-check to Purpose

Narinder Sharma

One of the most effective ways to lead people is to appeal to their more profound sense of purpose. People want to feel inspired, find meaning, and see the impact their work has on others. And when they do, they’re more engaged, innovative, and productive. 

“The real goal of what we’re doing is to have a positive impact on the world.”

Ed Catmull, Pixar

Everyone understands the need to work for a paycheck. But enlightened leaders provide a rich vision of the organisation’s purpose, direction, and meaningful contribution to the broader society. A leader’s role is to articulate this vision in a way that excites people. Having a purpose makes people happy, and it drives them to go above and beyond the call of duty. As unbelievable as it may sound, the purpose is a far more powerful & effective motivator than money. Purpose gives people a reason to get up in the morning and bring their best selves to whatever task they set out to accomplish. Provide a compelling reason for people to work toward the goals you’ve set. In return, they’ll offer their highest talents and sincerest loyalty to get the job done because it becomes their personal value.

purpose driven organisations
Clear Vision and Mission

An organisation with a clear purpose or mission is easy to understand and manage. A common purpose unifies employees and helps them understand the organisation’s direction. Any employee working at the NASA Space centre in the 1960s knew that that organisation’s common purpose was to put a man on the moon. Included with the common purpose would be the business and company strategy, mission statement, company values, and the organisation’s short- and long-term objectives. The role of communicating these components falls to managers throughout the company.

A higher purpose is not about economic exchanges. It reflects something more aspirational. It explains how the people involved with an organisation make a difference, gives them a sense of meaning and draw their support. The purpose is to help people see their impact on others and helping them develop a story about why they love what they do. 

Effective way to lead people

Pay-check to Purpose

It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure the purpose is authentic and drives every decision. With authentic & constant purpose, employees will begin to recognise & believe in it. To build an inspired, committed workforce, you’ll need middle managers who deeply connect with the organisation’s purpose and lead with moral power. They, in turn, must help employees see how purpose connects with their day-to-day tasks. 

Purpose can make a considerable difference to the organisation’s financial health & competitiveness. People who find meaning in their work don’t keep their energy and dedication. They give them freely, defying conventional economic assumptions about self-interest. By tapping into that power, you can transform an entire organisation. Purpose tells an organisation – why it exists.


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