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Getting better at receiving feedback

Providing and learning how to receive feedback is equally important to continue your growth within the workplace; it's a skill you can develop with practice. Be sure to ask open-ended questions from people who care about your performance and can accurately evaluate your work performance.

Receiving Feedback

Art of giving effective feedback

Effective feedback can be delivered in three ways positive, negative or neutral, examples such as a compliment (positive), a corrective or a measure (negative) or a general observation (neutral). Regardless of the way, good feedback always origins from the heart and is helpful to the receiver.

Giving effective feedback

Rediscovering Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is guided by qualities of the heart, passion and compassion, and the mind. Authentic leaders are dedicated to developing themselves because they know that becoming a leader takes a lifetime of personal growth. They develop a character consistent with their values and principles. They demonstrate self-discipline & self-awareness and work hard to overcome their shortcomings. They build enduring relationships with others by leading with purpose, meaning, and values.

Leadership DNA

How to be an Authentic Leader?

Authentic leaders inherently lead in a way aligned with their core values and beliefs. They genuinely desire to serve others, know themselves well and feel confident to lead from their core values. Now that we understand "What it means to be an authentic leader?" let's explore the topic further and What entails to be an authentic leader?

Authenticity - Authentic Leader